Metropolis + The Metrophonic Orchestra

Fritz Lang
Country of filming:

Videoinstallation with Metropolis in Boseby Kyrka with live music by The Metrophonic Orchestra . Metropolis (1927) is a West German silent science drama movie by Fritz Lang. It was made in Germany. The movie is set in 2026 in a city-state called Metropolis. People have been divided into two groups. One group is the thinkers. They live on the Earth in luxury. The other group is the workers. They work underground. They make the life of the thinkers possible. The movie features special effects and set design. Lang took his inspiration for the sets from Manhattan. It was the most expensive silent movie of the time

The Metrophonic Orchestra is a silent film-music ensemble, led by the artist and DJ Christopher Nelson. The band is based in southern Sweden and combine earthy, hypnotic, electronic music with instrumental improvisations. The current members are: Dick Heikenskjöld - contrabass, Sofia Sanberg - Viola, Vide Chevalier - keyboard, percussion and Christopher Nelson - sampling, beats, soundscapes.