Kulturnatten 2019

Filmvisning, soffor, filtar och fåtöljer med fika på St Gråbrödersgatans parkering.
Tack till Lumior, Lkp, Stadshuset och filmaren Haruna Honcoop för en lyckad kväll!

Lund International Architecture
Film Festival 2018


ArchFilmLund Prize 2018 

for the best documentary film goes to

Film Director François Xavier Destors from France

For his film ”Melting Souls”

For a story told with sensitivity about a city built in an area with unimaginably harsh environment, and where one of the world´s most horrendous eventstook place, focusing on its inhabitans who despite all difficulties and desire toleave, live a meaningful everyday life thanks to the community and artisticcreativity.



October 14th 2018

FILM: "Made in Ilima" Stenkrossen, Lund 13/4 at 1PM

I samarbete med Hållbarhetsfestivalen och Synaps visar ArchFilmLund denna dokumentär kl 13 på Stenkrossen lördag 13/4 kl 13. Filmvisning föjs av en diskussion om konst och film med forskarna Emma Johansson och Torsten Krause vid LUCSUS.

Made in Ilima a documentary by Thatcher Bean ( Congo / US )


In the center of Equator Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ilima community remains one of the most isolated in the world. They have coexisted with endangered wildlife in their surrounding forest for generations, but as the pace of development has increased, this fragile ecosystem has suffered. They partnered with the African Wildlife Foundation and MASS Design Group in 2012 to create a new conservation focused primary school and community center - one that had to endure for generations, yet be built almost exclusively using local materials. 

Cinematographer and educator Rachel Brose grew up in the Congo and relocated to Ilima in order to document this entire collective process - one aimed at leveraging local craft and ecological knowledge towards education, preservation, and beauty.

Made in Ilima