Årets festival händer runt Bantorget, på Kino, Grand Hotel and Jakobsson Pusterlas kontor.

En mötesplats för alla intresserade i filmer, arkitektur, konst och frågor som berör den byggda miljön vi lever i.

Det händer samtidigt som "Konsthelgen", en dag för konst i hela Lund.

Se hela programmet i menyn "Schedule & Films" ovan.


The 2022 festival will be held the 14th and 15th of October at Grand Hotel, Kino and JakobssonPusterla's office in the city of Lund, Sweden.

It is an open gathering for all public interested i cinema, architecture, art and social questions.

It is synchronized with the "Konsthelg", an artistic event organized by the city of Lund.

The whole program is in the menu "Schedule & Films" above.

Welcome !

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The entrance is free but places are limited at Kino, and the party is for invited guests.

Register yourself to book a place at Kino, and to receive an invite  for the Party, including a free drink.


Register as VIP and book food & beverage at cheaper price along with the mingle.

(Non registered guests can always buy food and drinks at Grand's bar)

Deadline 12/10

A confirmation email will be sent to you around the 12/10 along with an electronic ticket

No registering needed for the screenings, debate and ceremony at Grand Hotel
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Contactinfo@archfilmlund for any question