The famous Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein called architecture “film’s undoubted ancestor”. Since the invention of cinema, the moving image has offered film audiences new ways of experiencing spaces and places. By approaching architectural space through different angles and framings, using close-ups of details as well as panoramic views, the film camera makes it possible to see already familiar buildings in new ways. In addition, the film medium can function as a form of armchair travel, allowing our eyes and minds to visit spaces inaccessible to us, not just in space but also in time. The moving image can give us vivid experiences of architecture that no longer exists, as well as imaginary visions of future cityscapes.

Grounded in 2009 by Elzbieta Jasinska Brunnberg the Lund International Architecture Film Festival takes place in the autumn providing a platform for exploring contemporary and historical interconnections between architecture and film, screening a wide range of fictional and documentary films and bringing together seminars/debates, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other activities. Altogether these will form the framework for discussions about architecture in fiction films as well as visions of a good and liveable built environment for the future. Special guests – architects, filmmakers, journalists and artists from Sweden and abroad are invited to participate in seminars on architecture in films and themes highlighted in the documentary films.

ArchFilmLund even offers Extras: film screenings, workshops and debates events in cooperation with others. Contact us with an idea or an inquiry via mail:
The City of Lund offers unique opportunities with its location in the centre of the dynamic Öresund Region, its rich cultural and historical heritage together with a diversity of research institutions connected to Scandinavia’s largest university as well as international well-known companies and successful local businesses.

Who we are

Emelie​ Carlsson Gras

Festival director

Filmmaker living in Lund, working mostly with documentary and art films. Educated from film and art schools in Sweden and Paris as well as in film and media history (MA). I believe in the importance of the festival as a meeting point and place of discussion: To  create opportunities for filmmakers, architects, artist, researchers and citizens to expose and reflect on their work and illuminate existential and urgent issues in our contemporary society.

Marco Pusterla

Architecture Coordinator, Debates and Talks, Vice Chairman

Architect. Studied architecture at Politecnico di Milano and LTH in Lund. Practicing architect and partner at Jakobsson & Pusterla, Helsingborg. Teaching assistant and guest lecturer in different architecture schools.

Has been following and supporting the staff of Lund International Architecture Film Festival since the first edition.

Karin Fagerberg


Karin Fagerberg is an architect and urban designer at FOJAB. She is a lover of film as the ultimate media being a visual, epic and a sonory experience. Film can be a driver of change by conveying sheer facts as well as emotions. Archfilm can be a part of the debate about architecture and urbanism as well as being inspirational.

Member of the board since 2015.

Olivier Gras

ArchfilmLund Club, Website

Architect, educated in France and practicing in Sweden since 2004, I came to cinema by making hand drawn animations. Enabling the communication of spatial experiences the cinema is, I believe, the best medium for presenting both architectural visions and built environments.

Cecilia Pering

Cecilia Pering is a senior architect at FOJAB.

Cecilia has taken part of Lund International Architecture Film Festival since the start 2009.

FOJAB was initially the main sponsor of the festival.

During all festivals Cecilia has seen an ample amount of films and taken part of extensive discussions with people devoted to film about architecture.

Cecilia is member of the board since Spring 2020.<

Jenny Fröslee Jonsson

Jenny is an architect educated in Copenhagen, living in Lund and a cineaste from an early age.

Film is a way to see and explore through the eyes of others, not least the architectural space – which is one of the dimensions of the film medium.

Perhaps film is the art form that understands architecture best?

The film festival is therefore an important platform for this meeting and the discussion based on the human experience of the built environment.

Festival's Guests Since 2009

Marie-Claude Dubois, Lund, architect White/LTH

Peter Young, film director, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lars Tingskov Mikkelsen, film director, Malmö

Håkan Bjerking, film director/producer, Hällviken

Klara Grunning, film commisionar, Stockholm/Malmö

Håkan Lockby, Lunds kommun

Viveca Rosencrantz, architect, Fojab arkitekter, Malmö

Josephine Michau, director, Copenhagen Architecture x Film, Köpenhamn

Hans Christian Post, film director, Copenhagen

Jeannete Brinkfalt, Akademiska Hus, Lund

Lars Tingskov Mikkelsen, film director, Copenhagen

Larke Jul Gagner, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen

Jesper Pagh, director, Danish Architects Association

Pierre Gaffié, film director, Paris

Audrey Aquilina, film director, London

Karin Ekblom, architect, priest, Malmö

Anna Arnman, film critic, Lund

Vega Vidmalm, film director, Lund

Cecilia Nebel, journalist, Lund

Nazdar Ghahali, architect, White, Göteborg

Robert Lawson, film director, Seattle, USA

Anders Svensson, architect, professor, Chalmers

Gunilla Flygare, market director, LKF

Therese Andersson, Region Skåne

Anna Helide, MKB, Malmö

Margarete Jangård, film producer, Malmö

John Szot, architect, New York

Sven Blome, film director, Stockholm

Magnus Löfvendahl, landscape architect, Nyrens, Stockholm

Åsa Samuelsson, architect, Nyrens, Stockholm

Helena Lindblad, film critic, Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm

Richard Martin, architect, writer, London

Piotr C Sliwowski, film producer, Warszawa

Ina Ivanceanu, film director, Wienna

Josef Kullengård, film festival producer, Malmö

Dorte Mandrup, Architect, Copenhagen

Christel Nisbeth, film director/architect, Copenhagen

Moa Liew, film director/architect, Copenhagen

Hala Helgadóttir, director, Reykjavik

Andreas Dalsgaard, film director, Copenhagen

Timo Hämäläinen, director, Helsingfors

Hege Maria Eriksson, director, Oslo

Pontus Kyander, art scientist, Helsingfors

Kristoffer Rus, film photograph, Stockholm/Warszawa

Jonas Kelagher, film producer, Göteborg

Johan Wester, comedian, Lund

Magnus Gertten, film director, Malmö

Mats Jönsson, film scientist, Lund

Gunilla Lindhe Bjur, architecture professor, Göteborg

Nils de Brun, architect, Stockholm

Erik Ahrnbom, film writer, Lund, Stockholm

Caroline Leander, singer, composer, Malmö

Karin Fahlé, film director, Stockholm

Martina Stöhr, film producer, Stockholm

Anders E Larsson, film scientist, composer, Lund

Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, film director, Lund

Petter Forkstam, politician MP, Lund

Ardshir Seradj, fim director, Göteborg

Jacob Nilsson, Film i Skolan

Andreas Nobel, artist, Stockholm

Fredrik Stenberg, architect, Stockholm

Birgitta Ramdell,director Form Design Center, Malmö

Fredrik Jönsson, director, Lund

Edwin Bylander, architect, Malmö

Roy Andersson, film director, Stockholm

Illa Bêka, film director, Paris

Louise Lemoine, film director, Paris

Jytte Rex, film director, Copenhagen

Andreas Dalsgaard, film director, Copenhagen

Fritte Fritzon, stand up artist, architect, Stockholm

Andrés Rubio, film director, Madrid

Mathias Frick, film director, Berlin

Gitte Grønfeld Wille, director of Culture Departement Skåne

Torsten Schenlear, director of Culture Departement City of Lund

Moa Liew, film director, Copenhagen

Christel Nisbeth, film director, Copenhagen

Jan Åman, curator, Stockholm

Peter Krigström, architect, Sweco, Malmö

Gunilla Svensson, architect, Gunilla Svensson arkitektkontor, Lund

Gunilla Kronvall, architect, president for Swedish Architects Sociaty Skåne

Lisa Kirsebom, jornalist, Malmö

Rachelle Åstrand, architect, Fojab arkitekter, Malmö

Joshua Frankel, film director, mural artist, New York

Eve Biddle, mural artist, New York

Patrick Amsellem, director, Museum of Sketches, Lund

Ingrid Rudefors, film commissionar, writer, New York/Stockholm

Thore Soneson, film director, artist, Malmö

Nina Gunne, architect, Swedish Architects Association, Stockholm

Mattias Oscarsson, film critic, journalist, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Malmö

Ewa Westermark, architect, Gehl Architects, Köpenhamn

Cecilia Olsson, dance critic, program director The Swedish Program, Stockholm

Linus Gårdfeldt, writer, poet, Malmö

Madeleine Brandin, architect, writer, Trelleborg

Emma Ribbing, dancer, Malmö,

Miguel Cortés, urban dancer,

Per Svensson, journalist, writer, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Malmö,

Mats Hultman, Architect, The School of Architecture, Lund University, Lund

Johnny Åstrand, architect, direcot of Housing Development & Management, Lund University, Lund

Ulrika Lundquist, architect, Malmö

Björn Wende, traffic expert, director Trivector AB

Fredrik Pettersson, Lund University, Lund

Daniel Abadie, curator Architecture & Dubuffet, Paris

Janne Ahlin, architect professor emeritus, Torekov

Jan-Torsten Ahlstrand, writer, Lund

Lars Gustav Andersson, docent in film science and literature, Lund

Ola Andersson, architect, critic, Stockholm

Bengt Aronsson, architect, Lund

Gary Bates, architect, Oslo

Johan Bengt-Påhlsson, journalist, Stockholm

Jana Cisar, film producer, Berlin

John Cramer, architect, Lund/Belgrad

Dániel Dányi, writer, Budapest

Mårten Dunér, architect, Karlshamn

Jens Dymling, architect, Malmö

Lars Ekholm, artist, author of ArchFilmLund-Prize statue, Lund

Paul Eriksson, architect, Lund/Malmö

Jens Friis-Hansen, composer, Malmö

Tony Fretton, architect, professor, London/Delft/Zürich

Catharina Gabrielsson, architect, London

Fredrik Gertten, film director, Malmö

Monika Gora, lanscape architect, artist, Malmö

Leo Gullbring, writer, architecture critic, Lund

Ingrid Gustavsson, architect Akademiska Hus AB Syd, Lund

Inga Hallén, architect, director, Lund

Maria Hellström-Reimer, artist, lektor, Malmö

Mark Isitt, writer, architecture critic, Stockholm

Per Iwansson, architect, Båstad, Lund

Carin Johanson, architect, film director, Visby

Jan Hemmel, film director, writer, Malmö

Bartek Konopka, film director, Warszawa

Åsa Maria Kraft, writer, Lund

Görel Andersdotter Gill, artist, Lund

Enno Ladwig, film director, Stockholm

Malena Larsvall, architect, Lund

Max Liljefors, docent in art history, Lund

Marit Lindberg, artist, film director, Malmö

Kajsa Lawaczek Körner, architect, Malmö

Christer Ljungberg, director, Trivector AB, Lund

Ulf Kadefors, architect, director Fojab arkitekter AB, Lund/Malmö

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz, artist, film director, Warszawa/Bryssel

Eva Tind Kristensen, writer, Copenhagen

Mikael Kristensson, film director, Falsterbo

Pontus Kyander, museum director, Kristiansand

Mattias Kärrholm, architect, Malmö

Ingrid Stigsdotter, lecturer in film history, Malmö/Lund/Växjö

Helena Lindblad, film critic, Stockholm

Christer Malmström, architect, professor, Göteborg/Lund

Emma Nilsson, architect, Malmö

Sune Nordgren, project manager for Kivik Art Centre, Kivik

Kent Olofsson, composer, Lund

Mark Pimlott, architect, artist, London/Delft

Marco Pusterla, architect, Lund/Malmö

Lars Mikael, Raattamaa, writer, Stockholm

David Sim, architect, director, Copenhagen

Eva Sjölin, architect, Lomma

Laila Strunke, architect, president of Swedish Association of Architects, Stockholm

Claire Thomson, dr in film science, London

Tomas Tägil, architect, docent, Lund

Niklas Törnlund, writer, Lund

Tyke Tykesson, architect, writer, Malmö

Maria Udriot, architect, docent, Lund

Claudine Ulrich, dancer, Malmö

Lars Vilks, artist, Viken

Joanna Zawieja, architect, film director, Stockholm/Szczecin

Annika Eklund, culture director, Lund

Ulrika Lundquist, architect, Tengbom/Malmö

Robert Bennesh, musican, Lund

Kristian Petri, film director, Stockholm

Haruna Honcoop, film director, Prague

Dana Plays, film director, USA

Andrea Crudeli, architect, Italy

Emilia Stålhammar, film director, Malmö

Katarina Rundgren, TestBest Studio, Sweden

Monika Góra, Artist, Landscape Architect, Sweden

Barbro Westling, Artist, Sweden

Caroline Ljungberg Toulson, Poden Esplanad Trivector, Sweden

Per Gunnar Andersson, expert public transport, Sweden

Christer Larsson, Riksarkitekt, Sweden

Titti Olsson, chefredaktör för tidskriften Stad, Sweden

Frida Svensson Author and architect, Göteborg, Sweden

Nilli Portugali Director and Architect, Israel.

Kajsa Andersö, Director, Sweden

Tomas Boman, Cinematographer, Sweden.

Tarja Nurmi, arkitekt och writer Helsinki, Finland

Sarah Bitter, Architect and Filmproducer, Paris, France

François-Xavier Destors, Filmdirector, France


The Festival welcome volunteers to work with us during the festival or with ideas during the preparation period.

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