Lund International Architecture
Film Festival
October 5-8th 2017

ArchFilmLund Prize

ArchFilmLund Prize for the best documentary about city/architecture,
a sculpture made by the Swedish artist Lars Ekholm:

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2014

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2014,
for the best documentary goes to:
Oeke Hoogendijk,
and "The New Rijksmuseum", part I and II

The ArchFilmLund prize 2014,
for the best visual effects goes to:
Kristoffer Rus,
and "The Big Leap"

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2014
for the best architectural scenery in feature film goes to:
Karin Fahlén,
and "Stockholm Stories".

Link to nominations:
Press release 2014

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2013

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2013,
for the best documentaries goes to:
Illa Bêka and Louise Lemoine,
for the series Living Architectures.

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2013, for the best
architectural scenery in feature films goes to:
Roy Andersson

Link to nominations:
Pressrelease nominations 2013

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2012

The ArchFilmLund Prize Guldbågen 2012 goes to film director Joshua Frankel, for his beautiful and sensitive way to point out the most important frights and issues of the future.

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2011

The ArchFilmLund Prize 2011, Guldbågen, for a best documentary about city/architecture goes to:
Polish Film Director Bartek Konopka and the film “Rabbit á la Berlin”: